Fundraising for the school


Our “Friends and Parents of Bewsey” group have been thinking of ways to raise funds for our school and have come up with an excellent way to do this. They have signed our school up to a website called This website enables you to shop online with a range of well-known retailers, such as Argos, Next and Amazon. But, by registering with the website, under the name of “Friends and Parents of Bewsey”, when you make a purchase from one of these retailers, they will then make a small cash donation to our school. THIS WILL NOT COST YOU ANYTHING – the retailer will cover all the costs of the donation.

All you need to do is go to

Then follow the simple steps to sign up.

Please help us to raise our target amount of £100 by signing up to this website – and enjoy shopping!

Thank you in anticipation of your support

Mrs S Hopson

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