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Welcome to Year 4/5- Topaz Class

Miss A Paget

Miss A Paget


BA (Hons) PGCE
Miss A Paget

Hi, my name is Miss Paget and I am the current year 4 and 5 teacher in Topaz class. As well as this, I am also the design technology lead across school. I am passionate about giving children opportunities to try new and exciting things that are

Miss J Carey

Miss J Carey


Miss J Carey

PE Day & PE Kit

PE will take place on Friday.

Please ensure you child comes to school in their PE Kit on that day.

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Snack Money

Tuck Shop is available after school
on Wednesday and Friday.

Daily healthy snack is available to purchase every day at break time. Snack can be purchased at morning break. The maximum amount snack will cost is £2 a week. Children are welcome to bring their own snack from home which is less than 110 calories.

Reading Books

Reading Books will usually be changed Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please read with your child every night and sign their reading record.

Knowledge Organiser

You have been given a Knowledge Organiser and Homework Grid with some tasks relating to our topic.

Each week we will have a focus that has been covered on the Knowledge Organiser.



Maths and spellings are given out every Friday. These are to be brought in on Thursday in preparation for their spelling test.

Children will get up to 15 spellings per week to learn at home.

Common exception words:

Year 3/4


Year 5/6


Homework Grid:


Recent Terms Archive




This term, as part of our Literacy topic, we will be learning about fairgrounds as we develop our story writing. But look out - not all fairgrounds are as fun as they seem. Behind the music lurks some creepy characters!



This term, Topaz are learning all about forces. Through investigation, we will answer numerous questions surrounding forces of our Earth, including magnetism, gravity, water resistance, air resistance and gears.

Jigsaw: Healthy Me!

This year, we will continue to follow our Jigsaw scheme as we learn about the world around us. Our focus this term will be on our physical and mental health as we learn about the ways in which our bodies can stay healthy. We will consider what it means to have healthy habits and learn how we can build these in different ways.

Week 1: Smoking

Week 2: Alcohol

Week 3: Emergency aid

Week 4: Body image

Week 5: My relationship with food

Week 6: Health me

RE: Christianity

Continuing with our RE scheme, we will be focusing on Christianity as we learn more about the Christian way of life. As we move towards the Christian celebration of Easter, we will be answering the question:

How significant is it for Christians to believe that God intended Jesus to die?



This year, CLASP will take place on Thursday afternoons.

Year 4: Sport with Mr Riley

Year 5: Spanish


Plastic Shed workshop

As part of our Amazon Topic last term, we took part in the plastic Shed workshop, working with a company who specialize in reusing plastic waste. We melted plastics down to create our own eco-friendly posters to spread messages that encourage people to do their bit in the fight against plastic pollution.

RE: Sikhism workshop

As part of our Sikhism workshop, we learnt about the beliefs of Sikhs. We looked at cultural clothing, food, stories and ways of life. Take a look at us trying on some authentic Sikh clothes!

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