The Peaceful Place…

Let us introduce you to our new area at School called the ‘The Peaceful Place’ we had some really important visitors to help us with the opening of our new area on the Playground. Coaches and players from the Warrington Wolves Wheelchair Rugby Team cut the ribbon while Wolfie caused quite a stir amongst the children!!

The Peaceful Place has been designed to offer children a serene and calming environment. It features comfortable bean bags for seating, soothing wind chimes that create gentle background sounds, and a beautiful pagoda providing shade and a sense of enclosure. This space allows students to take a break from the hustle and bustle of school life, helping them to relax, reflect, and recharge in peaceful surroundings. Whether they need a quiet moment alone or a calm spot to talk with friends, The Peaceful Place is a welcome retreat fostering emotional well-being and mindfulness.

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