Welcome to our happy honey pot of 

Busy Bees

Our Bewsey Busy Bees are our Anti-bullying Ambassadors and they are here to help make sure our children feel happy, safe and secure at our school.

The Bewsey Busy Bees are always visible on the playgrounds and in classes. In assemblies, we have talked about how children can turn to a Bee for help if they are feeling, sad or alone. The bees will also step in if they think there is a problem they can help with.

Our bees and their leaders, Mrs Hopson and Mrs Stringer, help to strengthen the British Values by reinforcing the concepts: of sticking to the school rules (rule of law), encouraging children to be themselves and choose how they want to play (individual liberty), looking after each other and the equipment in school (mutual respect) and acceptance of others. Democracy also plays a big part in helping to sort out problems and of course, the children vote for who they want to be their class Busy Bee!!

We are the Bewsey Busy Bee's and with Mrs Hopson  and Mrs Stringer help we make sure all the children in our school are as safe and as happy as possible! 

Check back at this page what we have been up to this term. 

Our PSHE Govoner is Mr Phil Chadwick. He  helps us to make sure that there are lots of opportunities in our school for children to explore the many elements fo PSHE.