School Council

Our School Council is made up of our House Captains and Vice Captains and is led  by Mrs Jones who is supported by Miss Kearns. Each class has a School Council  book where children can write their ideas, thoughts and opinions – these are taken  in by the Councilors and shared during meetings.

School Councilors give feedback and share up-coming events during the Monday  afternoon assembly where the rest of the children also have the opportunity to  share anything new. The School Council make a BIG difference in school. In  partnership with our PTA, they organise fund raising events, raise money for school  fund and also their own projects. Click HERE to read more about our PTA group.

We keep a log of all of our meetings and actions which can be found in the entrance  hall for everyone to look through. Keep your eye on this page and on our log book  for further School Council activities.  

Our first School Council meeting took place on Tuesday 7th November. The children  had lots of ideas and are very excited about what they are going to be doing.

School Councils Competitions and Fundraisers

Lots of Socks

On Thursday 21st March it was World Down Syndrome Day. We had Gingerbread Socks available to buy from school for £1 each, these delicious gingerbread sock biscuits have been helped to raise awareness and funds for Down Syndrome Cheshire for 10 years. Thank you for all your support.

The Great Bewsey Gingerbread Bake Off

This was an amazing event which saw lots of our children and their families getting creative at home; making and baking their Christmas, gingerbread themed creations! Here are some pictures of just some of the entries…and of course our winners: Emily, Layla, Oliver, Priya and Amelia.

Anti Bullying Competition

The School Council had a great time judging the school’s anti bullying posters from each class. They found it difficult as the standard was so high but managed to whittle it down to 3 from each key stage. The winners will each receive a prize and their poster will be put up around school to help the children in school remember how to look after each other.


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