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Welcome to Nursery - (Archive Apr 24)


PE Day & PE Kit

PE will take place on Monday.

Please ensure you child comes to school in their PE Kit on that day.

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Snack Money

We provide a healthy snack during both morning and afternoon sessions.  This will be a time when the children sit at a table with an adult, share a snack with their friends, develop an awareness of healthy food and nurture conversational skills.  This is a valuable opportunity to enjoy learning in a real life context, eg. to use mathematical language when counting to share pieces of cheese or describing the length of a variety of bread sticks. 

  • Please note it is vital we are aware of any allergies or dietary requirements - please talk with us if your child cannot eat or be in contact with certain ingredients.

  • Please pay £2.00 per week for your child's snacks; you can pay weekly, a few weeks at a time or for the whole half term, whichever you prefer.  This half term is 5 weeks & 4 days long, if you prefer to pay for the whole half term the cost is £11.60.

Reading Books

Please share a book with your child every night, this is an incredibly valuable way to spend time together.

Knowledge Organiser

Information regarding specific learning is available via this website; each half term you will be provided with a summary of topic based, experiential learnin



Our half-termly homework grids contain learning activities for you to enjoy together; these will support & extend your child’s/children’s learning in Nursery.  You will receive printed copies of these & they are available via this webpage.


Recent Terms Archive

Welcome to the Nursery

at Bewsey Lodge

Our topic this half term is:



This half term we are learning about Spring, we will focus on. seasonal changes and growing. We will spend time in forest school to explore signs of spring including, buds on trees, spring flowers, bird song. We will plant flowers in our outdoor learning area & fruit and vegetables in our allotment.

These fiction & non-fiction titles are the focus books during this half term; they relate particularly to our learning in literacy & understanding of the world.

In mathematics, we will continue to count at every opportunity & extend understanding of number by focussing on more, less, one more & one fewer.  We will continue to recognise & talk about shape, also we will focus on extending understanding of length, weight & capacity.


The Early Years Curriculum is based in holistic learning and development; throughout their day in our Nursery, your child will be continually learning within one or more of these areas simultaneously.

Communication & Language

When speaking & listening we will be extending our understanding of more words & using a wider vocabulary.  We will develop our ability to investigate & answer by focussing on ‘why’ questions.  We will enjoy listening to longer stories & exploring non-fiction books, we will talk about them, extending our ability to remember characters, plot & information.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

We will continue to develop our sense of responsibility & appreciation of our nursery community.  This half term we will focus specifically on becoming increasingly independent in meeting our own care needs, eg brushing teeth, using the toilet, washing & drying our hands thoroughly.  We will learn about healthy choices regarding food, drinks, activity, sleep & toothbrushing.

  • week 1: everybody’s body - your body is wonderful & precious

  • week 2: we like to move it, move it - exercise

  • week 3: food, glorious food - food

  • week 4: sweet dreams - sleep

  • week 5: keeping clean - personal hygiene

  • week 6: safe adult - supportive relationships

Physical Development

We will continue to use one-handed tools & equipment eg, pens, pencils, scissors, with a comfortable grip & with good control.  Our self help skills will improve as we learn to use more fastenings, buttons, zips, laces …  We will show a preference for a dominant hand.  In music & dance we will use & remember a sequence of movements, including, balance, jumps & travel.


We will further develop our phonological awareness; this means we will be spotting & suggesting rhymes, counting & clapping syllables in words & recognising words with the same initial sound.  We will use some of our print & letter knowledge to write labels, our names & simple sentences.  We will talk about what we write & read together.


Mathematics is part of many activities in nursery, this half term we will be concentrating on numbers past 5, recognising how many without necessarily counting them, showing finger numbers & linking quantities with numerals.  We will be focussing on comparing quantities & sizes of objects.  We will use the growth of plants to describe a sequence of events.

Understanding the World

Through investigating & observing the natural world in forest school & our outside learning area, we will develop a wide vocabulary to talk about what we see & feel.  We respect & care for nature as we use our sense in hands-on exploration.

  • week 1: daffodils focus, bulbs & parts of a plant

  • week 2: outdoor learning focus, planting

  • week 3: spring walk in forest school

  • week 4: plant sunflowers & learn about their life cycle

  • week 5: weather reports

  • week 6: forest school focus, birds, nests …

Expressive Arts & Design

When drawing & painting we will include more detail & explore colours & colour mixing.  In music related learning we will listen with increased attention to sounds & sing a large repertoire of songs with melodic shape.  Also, we will design & make imaginative & complex small worlds, exploring & joining different materials with a variety of textures.

If you would like to learn more about the early Years Foundation Stage framework, here are two useful links:

Resources to support your child in their learning

Special Events in Nursery

Spring Stay & Play   27.03.24

All families are invited to join us, during the nursery day, please come along to stay, play & learn with us.  We offer afternoon & morning sessions; between 10.30am & 11.30am also. between 2.30pm & 3.30pm.


For application details and any questions or queries please contact the school office;

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